Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Hostage crisis Alabama: Special Forces stormed Hell Bunker

ETHAN (5) FREED, kidnappers TOT
Special Forces stormed Hell Bunker

Boy (5) in force from kidnappers
The first pictures from the night: FBI agents and police officers inform the attending reporters about the liberation action
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Midland City (U.S. state of Alabama) - The Alabama hostage crisis is over! Riot police stormed the underground bunker, freed the little Ethan (5). Kidnapper and Waffennarr Jimmy Lee Dykes (65) is dead
For one week, the autistic boy was in the grip of a crazy Vietnam Veterans, the kidnappers took refuge with the five year old in a few square meters of small bunker underground.
The only contact with the outside world: a ventilation tube, what the investigators were negotiating with him, the boy drugs and food sent down. And observed: specialists infiltrated apparently unnoticed a mini-camera through the pipe - and could see everything that was going on underground.
But the kidnapper was always unpredictable!
The FBI agents watched as Jimmy Lee Dykes suddenly again with a gun in his hand walked around - the kidnap victim was in "imminent danger." The communication with the kidnappers broke.
Access! Explosions! Shots! The hostage's release, the kidnappers dead!
"There was a loud bang, and then I heard what could have been gunshots," said a neighbor. According to U.S. media blew up special units to the bunker door, set fire stun grenades. Whether the hostage was shot or self taught, is unclear.
"We feared for the child's life," said FBI agent Steve Richardson. The boy was doing well, came to the clinic. He should play even laugh again, to paint. "Ethan has been through a lot," said Dale County Sheriff Wally Olson was relieved after the liberation. "He's a special boy."

Hostage crisis ended in Alabama
The horror in Alabama is over! Vietnam veteran and gun nut Jimmy Lee Dykes (65) is dead, the little Ethan (5) lives!
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ALABAMA HOSTAGE TAKING Why do not the police stormed the bunker?
HOSTAGE DRAMA How does the little Ethan from that?
ALABAMA HOSTAGE DRAMA This man holds Ethan (5) trapped in the bunker
ALABAMA HOSTAGE DRAMA boy (5) crying in the bunker after Mama
HOSTAGE DRAMA IN THE USA U.S. fears for boys in the dugout
HOSTAGE DRAMA IN ALABAMA bus driver shot - man kidnaps boys
Since Tuesday was a retired truck driver the small ethane trapped in a bunker underground. The Second Amendment had been ice cold shot a school bus driver and brought the boy into his power.
Apparently, the kidnappers had planned the act long before. Details of his negotiations and demands are not known - the police had been out no information. The bunker, and the terrain is now scoured by IEDs.

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