Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Russian special forces to get new combat helicopter

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 01/21/2013, 13:11

Russia's Defense Ministry has prepared a technical task to develop a Mi-8 helicopter with a new navigation and complex struggle for the Special Forces. Already in 2013, the new Mi-8 to go into series production.

The new attack helicopter is to be constructed on the basis of the struggle transporter Mi-8AMTSCH (Mi-171SCH). He must be equipped with a tracking system with heat sensors and video as well as a radar that follows the terrain relief.

In addition, the helicopter is equipped with a GLONASS navigation system and with a searchlight TSL-1600 with infrared light for night vision, which is intended for the illumination of the battlefield and the airspace when visibility is poor.

The helicopter is also armed with conventional missiles and machine guns. Russian special forces likely get 10 to 15 such machines.

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