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special forces operations in Switzerland

The Switzerland is full of Supercops
by Annette Hirschberg - The secretly built up special unit "Tigris" of the Federal Judicial Police in Switzerland provides for red heads. Because Supercops, find the critics, there is already enough in Switzerland. 20 Minuten Online has compiled the Swiss elite troops.

This is the elite unit of the AAD Armee.Das 10 was created for command actions. 2012 There is to guard the Swiss embassy in Tripoli in Einsatz.Gut 90 special soldiers are currently part of this task force sein.Im August 2007, the Group presented during an exercise on the Grenadier Waffenplatz isone of the first Medien.Darüberhinaus have numerous cantons elite units : The in training. All members are full-time special police officer. Take no mehr.Wer patrol in the GI wants to have the basic police training are a hard test. It consists of personal, sports and Schiesstests.Die Ticino GI works closely with the zusammen.Die Giggs pictured here train daily: you jog, swim, practice arrest techniques and shooting with various
Waffen.Ausserdem the elite fighters must be reported explosives specialists and high stress resistance verfügen.Die special group comes in dangerous detention or hostage rescues used. Lynx is also the cantons zuständig.Bei the Grenadiers of Scorpio receive a hard and comprehensive training and are equipped with special weapons, equipment and emergency vehicles are ausgerüstet.Bewältigung of bank robberies, kidnappings or amok and terrorist attacks as well to the tasks such as personal protection of Federal Councillors , ambassadors and other senior Persönlichkeiten.Die special unit of the diamond is divided into five task forces: use three trains, a train of technicians and a precision shooter. Working for "diamond" is not full time: Normally, the Grenadiers are active in various fields. The Task Force Diamond in 2008 had 57 times intervene and provided 172 local and Begleitschutzeinsätze.Im comes in difficult situations, the task force Argus to Einsatz.Die official shall otherwise normal police service and be contracted as needed. Is taken, who is the requirement rich selection. In (Détachement action rapide et dissuasion). DARD there since 1990. To the unit include several snipers. DARD often works with the handler group zusammen.In. Cougar in Training on a Hausfassade.In used. Six full-time specialists are constantly on Abruf.Im 2008 was the special unit gentian around 450 times in the next Einsatz.Zu Her responsibilities include raids, detention ... ... and interventions with increased potential also Personenschutzaufgaben.Enzian in Aktion.Im (Groupe d'intervention et tireurs d'élite) is used. 1980 she was geschaffen.Die officials LODGING be called in at-risk missions. About when weapons are violent in the game or persons or to the Group Police Special Personenschutz.In the Grenadiers are mainly used to combat violent crime and organized crime.
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They carry names like Predator, "Barracuda", "Cougar" and "eagle". They are highly specialized, armed to the teeth and come in an emergency against serious crime and terrorism to use: The special units of the Swiss police. They were founded in the wake of global terrorism and the first own experiences with attacks in the 1970s. As in Switzerland, the police jurisdiction is regulated by the cantons, almost all the cantons and some of the larger Swiss cities have their own special units.

Markus Notter, Zurich Director of Justice and President of the police and justice directors, put it in an official opinion loudly and clearly: "Actually, there are already too many such services in Switzerland."

20 Minuten Online has put together a selection of upcoming used in Switzerland, cantonal and municipal special forces in a picture gallery.

Scorpio intervention group in a competition

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