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German special forces GSG 9 border guard group 9

Border Guard Group 9 (GSG 9)

The border guards 9 (GSG-9) is founded in Munich in 1972 after the hostage drama of the Special Olympics organization of the federal police to combat terrorism.

Despite renaming of the Federal Border Guard (BGS) in federal police on 01.07.2005, GSG 9 retains their name.
The then Interior Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher called the GSG 9 in life as it at the time, no specially trained and equipped task force in Germany was that the hostage drama could have prevented without dilemma.
Starting with 180 men, the GSG 9 now includes over 240 active forces with different specializations, including divers, snipers and paratroopers.
They are especially put to use when it comes to aviation and maritime piracy, attacks on foreign guests of state or organized crime.
Border Guard Group 9 (GSG-9) - History
Similar to the German police Seks the GSG 9 of the Federal Police found their birth in the Geisedrama during the 1972 Winter Olympics in Munich.

In the rescue attempt on the Fuerstenfeldbruck airport all the hostages, five Palestinian terrorists and a police officer were killed.
The former liaison officer with the Federal Interior Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher, Lieutenant Colonel in the BGS Wegener, was entrusted with the formation of a special association for saving lives in cases of severe violent crime.
In April 1973, founding commander Wegener reports the readiness of two operating units of GSG 9
On 17 October 1977 was the GSG 9 its baptism of fire during the liberation of hostages from the Lufthansa plane "Landshut" in the Somali capital Mogadishu.
1982 Arrest of RAF terrorists poppy head and Schulz
With the arrest of the RAF terrorists Hogefeld Grams and it came on 27 June 1993 to the train station in Bad kids to another heavily publicized use of the GSG 9 Here, the police commissioner was murdered in BGS Newrzella of the alleged RAF terrorist Wolfgang Grams. Grams then committed suicide.
1993 end of the hijacking of a KLM - machine to Dusseldorf
1994 ending a hostage situation in the JVA Kassel
1994 participation in the search for the kidnappers Albert and Polak
1998 arrest the blackmailer of Deutsche Bahn AG
1999 arrest of Metin Kaplan in Cologne, arrest of two alleged members of the Red Cells in Berlin, involvement in ending the hostage crisis in the country's central bank in Aachen
2000 advice philippine Special Investigation in a hostage-taking
2001 arrest of two spies in Heidelberg, support for the liberation of four German tourists in Egypt, the arrest of several terrorists in connection with the terrorist attacks of 11 September at the World Trade Center
2002 arrested eleven suspected terrorists in Germany, also in connection with the attack on the WTC
Since the mass of the stakes held in camera, this is only a small part of the work assignments.
Since its inception, the GSG 9 has participated in more than 1,300 missions while (officially) only four times made use of the firearm: 1977 in Mogadishu, 1993 in Bad kids and two dogs fight against each other inserts permanently increasing the people.

Border Guard Group 9 (GSG-9) - Tasks
The Federal Police describes the tasks of the GSG 9 as follows:
"The GSG 9 developed and tested based on the police situation awareness tools, tactics and techniques, leadership and the resources to combat serious violent crime up to deployment.
It is particularly used to deal with complex and / or hazardous materials such as hostage-taking, kidnapping or extortion ... "
The primary objective of "rescue and protect endangered human life" is set.
The GSG 9 may, inter alia, in cases of hostage situations on land, on water and in the air, bombings, assassinations of state guests, and in severe cases of organized crime, the following authorities also approved by the government in overseas operations be requested:
State police,
Customs Office,
and the Foreign Office.
For particularly dangerous and complex documents using the GSG 9 has specialists in the fields of:
Use in maritime locations (divers)
Snipers use
Airmobile approach variants (parachuting use or discontinuation by helicopter)
Defusing explosives and incendiary agents.
Another key task of the box GSG 9 is the support for training special forces at home and abroad. Provided to members of the GSG-9 units and their service in foreign exchange them their skills and knowledge, or to officials of other units do their service in the GSG 9

Border Guard Group 9 (GSG-9) - construction
Commander of GSG 9 is a police chief of the Federal Police, the following areas are subject to:

4 operational units, each consisting of
Troop leadership (FüTr)
6 Special task forces (SET) consisting of 1 leader and 4 PVB SET fb V.
Technical unit, consisting of
Troop leadership (FüTr)
3 special task forces technology (SET T), consisting of 1 leader and 4-T SET PPI fb V.
Iuk and documentation unit, consisting of
Troop leadership (FüTr)
FM radio team trucks (FunkTr L (FM))
Telephone and telex terminal squad (FeFaTr)
Evidence and documentation squad (BeDoTr)
Refurbished Electronics / Information and Communication (Inst EL / ICT)
Forming unit, consisting of
Troop leadership (FüTr)
4 Spezaleinsatztrupps training unit (SET AE), each consisting of one instructor and 4 PVB
Joint Staff, headed by the Deputy. Commander, with staff following areas (StB)
Starboard 1 - use matters
StB 2 - Management and use of resources
StB 3 - Education and training
Subject (SG) development and testing
Central Services
Medical service

Border Guard Group 9 (GSG-9) - setting
The way the budget is 250 posts comprehensive special unit of the Federal via a two and a half years of training in the BGS and a special aptitude selection process.
In the selection process, the suitability of the candidate's suitability in mental, physical and characterological ways for training and use in an operational unit the GSG 9 are detected.
Meets the requirements of the candidates, he comes first in the training unit GSG 9 Here are the basic principles to deal with the application spectrum described above are placed in a nine-month special training.
The tasks and range of use of a unit requires law enforcement officials with the following characteristics:
above average intelligence
well-developed oral and written communication skills
very good comprehension and memory
strong sense practically - technical understanding
high resilience in mental as physical area
pronounced teamwork
highly developed sense of responsibility and independence
well pronounced improvisation
willingness to learn
strong interest in working with management and use of resources in the areas of deployment unit
high concentration during and after heavy burden to meet statutory orders
For heights, height safety
safe handling of firearms, even under load
intercultural competence and knowledge of English or French
What you should know for your application

Flexibility and commitment is expected of every police officer. Used worldwide for you as possible, such as voluntary participation in international police operations, the United Nations and other organizations.
With increasing responsibilities you will ascend in your career on the suitability, performance and capability.
A rise in the upscale career is provided.
If you meet the requirements, you will be with the achievement of the 27 Year of life officer / official who
Application documents

With your application the following documents are required:
last school certificate / diploma
Birth certificate
for applicants with FOR vocational evidence
Swimming proof
handwritten resume with passport photo
Copy of driving license
Copy of identity card
Fitness selection method

If all necessary application materials are available and all requirements are met, you are invited to a fitness selection procedure, which initially consists of:
a written test to determine the general education and mental and psychological abilities
a police medical examination
a determination of physical performance
After overcoming this hurdle you are invited to a selection of other suitable method (under the direction of the GSG 9). Is with him
logical thinking,
Combining ability,
Perception accuracy and spatial awareness,
linguistic thinking and eloquence,
Memory and computational thinking skills
practical - technical understanding,
practical - technical understanding by using a particular assessment center,
Concentration before and after exercise,
the personality image
be determined.
Finally, you will then have the opportunity to present their interests and your person before the selection committee.
Of course we also have important matters to you.
The selection process helps the GSG 9 to find the right personnel for very specific tasks. While it is not easy and is not successfully completed by all applicants, but this test does not harm you, nor your professional career.
There is always a possibility of repetition.

Border Guard Group 9 (GSG-9) - Training
Training at the Federal

The training lasts for 2 ½ years and takes place in a police establishment of the Federal Bureau West with free accommodation, uniforms, equipment, patient care and cost-effective meals.
The particular focus of the training is to impart the right knowledge.
The totality of the preparatory service provides - always aligned to the requirements of practice - theoretical and practical knowledge.
Among other things is taught in the following areas:
Jurisprudence (criminal, criminal, police, civil service law and other laws)
Weapons and shooting training
Police use and use teaching
Sport badges and rescue swimming, unarmed deployment training
The candidates are supervised by the GSG 9 training staff and training in selected areas.
Training at the GSG 9

Following the training comes first appointment as chief of police or the police in the BGS champion and then the nine-month specialized training for border protection group 9 9
After successful training and awarding of the activity badge of GSG 9 the use is in one of three operational units.
Another use for the Technical Unit or information and communication unit is possible if suitable.


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