Saturday, 20 October 2012

Training of special forces candidates

Training In order to even get to the Special Forces candidates must meet the following conditions:

Ü 100 or more points in a test setting
Ü suitability for transfer to a higher security level
Ü 50 m swimming in full combat gear and equipment
Ü high school completion
Ü Successful completion of the performance test
Ü pass the psychological test
Ü Concluded parachute training
If the applicant meets these conditions, it starts for the first phase of training. Here he learned and consolidate their knowledge in infantry combat and the driving of smaller units.

The next section brings the choice of one of four career courses (weapons specialist, pioneer, paramedics and signaller) with itself and the associated training. So must the weapons specialist, in addition to the standard American model also handle foreign and obsolete models. The Pioneers received training in all the explosives, booby traps and mines. After completing this training, they get the ability to snap head. And has other typical pioneer skills (handling device pioneer, building roads and lodging, etc.) are acquired or strengthened. The comprehensive training the paramedics who often already includes the knowledge of a physician. Then the medic medical and veterinary treatments demonstrate in clinical conditions without being able to verify that often contain surgery. Furthermore, knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, dentistry and veterinary medicine are brought to the man. Before the final exam, the aspiring Special Forces medic working for some time as Rettungssänitäter in a New York hospital accident. The Signalman of the Green Berets receive training in maintenance and operation of telecommunications equipment. Of course, the mastery of the international Morse code requirement for them. Officers receive training in the Special Forces Guerrilla tactics, planning and execution of special operations, reconnaissance operations, etc., for it is also participating in a survival course requirement.
The third section airborne operations carried out and divided the participants in A-Team. Now the Green Berets to implement what they have learned in a three-week exercise in practice. After passing all sections, participants will receive the Green Berets and the right to life of the writing "special forces" to carry on the left arm.
But before they are assigned to a Special Forces Group, they must once again exercise theory. Since each SPE has a specific application area, have their families, of course the local language can be powerful, what is possibly trained by an extra training. A total of 14 languages ​​to choose from, with prices that are between 18 and 25 weeks. Depending on the area and over the years received the Green Berets also training in HALO / HAHO tactics, scuba diving and numerous courses abroad.

Green Beret with M4A1 SOPMOD

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